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software adding unwanted code automatically

I have many formulae in a calc sheet. The first thing that happened (after several months of trouble-free use) was that LO inserted a sheet reference in front of every single cell reference, making it impossible to copy the formulae from one sheet into another. So I changed my formulae to more sohisticated versions using entries like this =SUMPRODUCT(C6:V6,ISODD(COLUMN(C6:V6))) which has far fewer cell refernces to be corrected if sheet names suddenly get inserted. I then gritted my teeth and began to convert all 150 sheets by hand. But then LO decided to change all the instances of ISODD to ISODD_ADD, which renders the formula inoperable.

It is the case that (a) I downloaded 5.2.6 just before this occurred, and it is also true that I have been saving the file in Excel format rather than in ods. I'm now saving it in ods, and am waiting for 5.2.7 to become available to see whether the version change problem has now gone away.

But it's annoying. Is there any way of preventing it happening? I just wish software wouldn't alter what I've typed without asking me first!