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Inserting Page Breaks - Writer

I'm using Writer on Mac OS X 10.11.6. I'm working on a document that will later be exported as a PDF for on-demand printing as a book. My page size is set to 8.63" W x 8.75" H (for a full bleed book) and the trim size will be 8.5" x 8.5" which means that the excess beyond 8.5" will be trimmed off by the printer.

My problem is that I am inserting images that are 8.63" W x 8.75" H (the same size as the page" and after setting the images to Original Size and filling the page there is no way I can find to easily insert a page break. The Insert/Page Break option is grayed out. There is no way to click outside of the image when it fills the page. Sure, I can shrink the image down so that I can click on the page outside the image area, insert a page break, and then expand the image back to full size, but this adds a number of unwelcome steps to the work flow. SometimesI can insert a page break before expanding the image to the size of the page but not always. Is there a way to insert a page break without doing this dance?