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LO Calc: How do I define "search in values" as standard search option?

This exact question has been asked but not answered here:

Got the same problem and I can try to be more precise. I have a huge calc file with several tables. One of the table functions as source table, the others refer to it creating values out of formulae, like article numbers and price calculations with factors.

The content of a given cell is thus a formula and the output a value. However, using STRG+F to find an article number is not working.

Only after opening up the search dialog, then opening the advanced options, then selecting "values", then searching again is doing the trick. Repeat the process for every freaking search. Neither does it keep the setting for the next use nor did I find any possibility to define my search settings.

Is there any workaround or recommendation? MS Excel has the same problem, but you can change the settings in fewer clicks and it keeps the settings at least until you close the program.

Any help appreciated!