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How to apply a formatting change across all documents?

I am trying desperately to make LibreOffice my default suite, I have MSOffice 2010 installed in wine, but my work computer is a low end centrino CPU so it really bogs things down, and its expensive so I want to try to avoid purchasing more licences in the future.

My issue is that I need to find a way to have LibreOffice apply the setting under "Format > Paragraph" "Dont add space between paragraphs of the same style" by default to any document I open. Every formatting issue ive had opening docx files has been fixed by manually changing this setting. However I have 100's of docx files all containing 10 cells each for tags that we print for products where I work. Obviously manually changing this setting for each cell is not an option. How can I make this stick for everything? or at the very least change it on all files at once?

On a somewhat related note, I have Lotus Symphony installed and it works beautifully and does everything I need, but unfortunately 3.0.1 will be the last version, IBM has given the code over to the Apache OpenOffice people. I also tried OpenOffice, and it works just fine as well, but its ugly as all get out, and development and updates are nearly nonexistent.