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Can't save documents

LibreOffice newbee here.

I recently installed LibreOffice. My intention is to convert my Apache OpenOffice v4.1 spreadsheets over to LO since AOO is apparently not going be supported anymore.

LO opens the AOO spreadsheets. It allows me to manipulate text and numbers. The formulas appear to be working correctly.

However I can not save the newly modified spreadsheet in LO - either as a “Save”, “Save As” or “Export”. In all the cases I get the following error:

Error saving the document [xxxxxx]

General Error

General input/output error

File permissions indicate my documents are set for “Read and Write”

LibreOffice v: 6.1.3

Recent Java Runtime Environment (are-8u192) also installed.

MacOS High Sierra v: 10.13.6

MacBook Pro (Early 2013)

Suggestions for getting me on the right track?