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Typing in non-English Language and then Finding the Language Reset to English When a Heading Style is Applied.

Good Evening

Before I give too many details may I ask if other people see the following behaviour in Writer?

I am using LibreOffice (Version:; Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2). My default language for documents is English (Australia).

From time to time I want to type part of a document in another language, let's use Italian for example.

I begin a new line and at the insertion point I select Italian (Italy) as the language and start typing - no problem; it works as I would expect. However, then I decide that I want what I typed as a level 3 heading (for example). I select the text and change the style. Immediately LibreOffice sets the language back to English (Australia) and so my text has the wavy red line telling me I have spelling mistakes.

Is this what I should expect to occur? That is, the language of the text being reset when I change the style to use a heading. I would not expect heading styles to be language-dependent.

If anyone can confirm this is what should happen and give me a logical reason, then I'll have to accept it. Otherwise, I think it's a feature - and a less-than-useful one.

If you do require more details please let me know.

regards Stephen Meatheringham Canberra, Australia