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Can a LibreOffice-edited document cause another user's Office 365 to crash?

I am a relatively new LibreOffice user. This week someone sent me a document written in Word, sent it to me by email, I then updated it using tracked changes and comments and sent it back by Skype. When my client opened the document it caused her Office 365 to crash. This is how she explains it:

"I opened the revised version of the document which I downloaded from here on Skype. It kept crashing my Word app. I reinstalled office etc., copied the content into a new doc, etc. No luck. I first thought it might be a Skype/Word issue, but in the end, when I saved it in an older Word version, it allowed me to make changes without crashing. Thought I'd let you know because it may be linked to the system you are using (only compatible with the older Word version) and others might experience the same? "

I find it hard to believe that LibreOffice is only compatible with older Word versions. Could it be something else? Anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your help.