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why so difficult?

After all exercises I've build a Cost Control System if I worked with the Old Good COBOL but now using Basic256. Excellent!

First problem is translating the downloads of the bank... CSV-files with repairing of info containing comma's... There are indeed dumps with semi-colons as field separators, that makes work easier by exploding on '";"' after stripping the quotes at begin and end.

Then searching for Cost-accounts by using two tables 1) Creditor-Banknumber or 2) codes in the Remarks field and then converting to Cost-account. That results in a new file with Cost-account + Date + Amount + Remarks.

Then sorting the file on 1) Cost-account 2) Date

Finally reporting 1) detailed bookings per Cost-account 2) subtotals per Cost-Account 3) final saldo which must positive....!

It looks fine and withstands a review of an accountant.

At last I had to learn to work with CSV-files instead the DA-format with fixed length. No problem, I'm fexible enough. Converting the bank-dumps into LibreOfficeBase Table format is not easy. Next, converting tables by using other tables to create new tables is with LibreOfficeBase a crime! We are missing in LOBase the TableModify and TableCreate possibilities...

So, thanks to Basic-256 the old fashioned way of programming is still the best!