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autocorrect list disappeared

Hi all,

I hope I'm not asking this question pointlessly, I tried to search for an answer first and couldn't find any.

I'm using LibreOffice on Windows 7 with USA English. The problem was found in Writer.

I had a first weird experience typing something with a UK English spellcheck, and having an 'i' not corrected into an 'I'. I checked and the autocorrect list was empty, even though I had downloaded the whole package of dictionaries, etc. I tried the USA autocorrect list, it was there, I carried on typing. However, when it didn't correct 'i'm' into 'I'm' I decided I would add it to the list: when I did that, the program crashed, and when I opened it again, the entire autocorrect list had vanished (both for USA and UK English).

I then downloaded some other dictionary (UK English, OED spelling), and the same thing happened again: it worked ok until I wanted to add something to it, which made the program crash and all the autocorrect options vanish.

I did try to have LibreOffice ignore system language as well as not, and tried a reboot, it didn't change a thing.

It feels like the only solution now would either be to keep re-downloading language packs every time this happens, or even re-download LibreOffice as a whole?

Thanks for your help. Jeremie