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Link to external files from Base

I am no database expert but Libre Office has made it straightforward for me to cobble together a simple 'names and addresses' style database which I use, among other things, for recording who has sent me Christmas Greetings. This is a straightforward 'Yes/No' field, of course. But people often send news about themselves and their families, which I would like to be able to refer to at some later date. I am happy to scan their letters to eg a .pdf file, in fact I will probably do that anyway, but it would be helpful if I could call up that file while looking at the relevant record in my database. And I would prefer to be able to access more than one file per record, because people might write to me more than once!

I think I am right in assuming that it is not a good idea to try to embed the files somehow - loading a lot of bitmaps seems very inefficient. But is there a way of linking from a record (eg 'Mike Smith') to 'Letter(s) from Mike Smith' which are stored on the same PC? If the answer to this query is easy, and explained in the literature, then I apologise!