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What am I doing wrong in making a format code HH:MM:SS.000?

In Base, I'm trying to get a field to have default formatting for CCTV time stamp as it appears on the camera, specifically HH:MM:SS.000

When I use HH:MM:SS.000 as the format code, it replaces the "000" bit with literally "000" when i move to the next line.


I enter 01:24:30.731 into the appropriate box and when i move to the next entry, Base replaces what i've entered with 01:24:30.000

For now ive had to just enter the date as text (, but once ive understood how to make the correct code, will it automatically change that text into the appropriate format, or will i have to go through by hand?

Additionally, although possibly this may need to be covered in another separate question, I never seem to have much luck in understanding how to make the format codes and/or have them work as I expect. Specifically, I need a code to always display four digits, e.g. 0.900, 0.925, 0.800 etc., I also need to understand how to have letters displayed after numbers, but only from a selection of them e.g. Cu, Zn, Ag, etc. and so I can combine the two e.g. 0.900 Ag, 0.200 Cu etc..

I have tries and tried to go through existing documentation and understand how to do these things but either I'm being a little obtuse or......

Any help would be great thanks Regards

NB Why is the recaptcha thingy in Portuguese?