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How to print images in Base reports.

I have a music database running on LO Office V5.2.5.1. (X64) on Windows 10 Pro. The database is running as a "split" database with the back-end on a Windows server.

This database consists of several tables, two of which are Albums and Tracks. In these I list all the information regarding the album title, artist, year and writers, producers etc for each track, and I have a field for the album art. This is defined as BLOB (BLOB). I have inserted image files into each record (about 1500). The form used for data input works fine and displays the images perfectly in a 4 x 4 cm control on the form. Other forms used to display the result of queries also display the images correctly.

I have a requirement to occasionally print out the full details of an album. To do this I have a report pointed at a query which queries both tables and produces the required information and then displays it on the screen so that I can then print it. However the image files do not appear on the report. I have manually inserted the field into the report because the wizard does not list the field as available. When the report runs there is a space where the image should be.

My question is: does base actually support inserting images from a table into a report? If so how do I do it? What I do not want to do is to have to put all the image files into a directory and point the field to these so that it loads each one on demand.