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Permanently formatting pivot tables?


I am new here so, please, if I do something wrong just let me know and I'll try to improve.

A bit of background about the question. When working for a given enterprise for some years, I discovered how nice pivot tables are when it comes to analysing loads of numbers. They used some other spreadsheet program whose name I won't mention but, that gave you the capability to format pivot tables. This changes where mostly retained when refreshing the pivot table.

I can apply format to pivot tables in localc as well, but, when I refresh the table, everything, even numbers format, is wiped, which is a nuisance because I need to constantly refresh it.

I don't need anything complicated, just a way to visually mark lines so I can follow them from one side to the other of the screen. Just basic stripping and number format with two decimals for some columns.

But having to redo it every minute is a bit annoying.

Is there some silly thing I haven't taken into account or is this as of now impossible to do in localc?

Thanks beforehand for any insight you can provide :)