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Problems Version: in Ubuntu

This is more a comment (lamenting?) than a question... I have been using LibreOffice on Windows, and Apple Mac for many years. Great program. In fact, having had to use MS Windows OS since Win 3.1, I have never ever used MS word or its suite (in those days WordStar etc.). But LO really sucks in Ubuntu. I have never had so many problems with a word processor in more than 30 years.

Apart from not being able to get the Spellcheck going -- it was also a problem for many years on the other OS (there the solution was to delete the user profile... not a very elegant one) -- lots of funtionalities just do not work in the Database. For example, using a field as List Box just does not bring up the controls.

Apart from the above, LO is extremely slow at times - and have an excellent hardware box, also used for graphics and music editing.

Is this because of bloated functionality that the very basics and fundamental stuff just does not work properly?

Please do not regard this as an attack on the wonderful work all the contributors are doing. I just wonder why regressive engineering happens... :)