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Table lines not printing (writer)

Hi guys, here is the document in question:

C:\fakepath\Student Practice Log (filled in by hand).odt

Whenever I print this document certain table cell borders are missing, even though they can be seen in the table. I have added a red background to each cell that is missing it's bottom border when printed.

Can't figure out for the life of me why this is happening. What is particularly odd is that I printed this document earlier today and everything printed just fine. Since then I have made no changes to the table borders so I am rather confused.

Although these seemed unlikely to be the culprit I cleaned my printer and restarted libreoffice but to no avail. I have also checked to make sure that the table borders for the cells that have missing borders are defined under Table > Table properties > Borders and everything seems to be in order...

Cheers for any help!