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Low Quality Graphics / Scaling issues

I'm new to LibreOffice excuse my ignorance. I've seen this question all over the internet. I've combed through a ton of threads, but no one seems to really answer it straight. Maybe it's how they are asking. Is libreoffice just a much lower quality graphic experience compared to MSoffice? I'm getting the same experience on three different machines / OS (Ubuntu 16.04, Linuxmint 19 and Windows 10) on: (Lenovo X230i, XI Yoga, MS SurfaceBook). LO ver I've tried all the basic suggestions Toggling: Antialiasing, OpenCL, GPU, Using native Open Fonts, Using LO filetypes, Tweaking Xrandr, etc. Nothing brings LO even close to what I am used to. See screen snip here of the same file opened in Calc and Excel side by side. I'd hate to waste more time troubleshooting this if I am doomed to fail. Is this just how it is?C:\fakepath\Screenshot - Xcel-LibreOffice Calc.png