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How to create a hyperlink in calc

I am trying to create a spreadsheet with the first worksheet containing a list of client names, and each name is hyperlinked to a specific worksheet that is named for the client. What I am TRYING to do is click on the hyperlink, and the worksheet associated with the client comes to the front so that I can work on it I have followed the instructions explicitly: Create a named range (A1) on the target worksheet; Insert a hyperlink in the first worksheet that points to the file, and the target worksheet. Sometimes the range comes up as a target choice, but most times it does not.

The created "hyperlink" is hi-lit as one would expect, but there is no action when I click on it. I have tried to insert as a button. Whenever I click on the button, it simply chooses the button so that I can delete it - again, no action

Any suggestions? Thanks -Monty