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Base: Firebird vs HSQLDB embedded database?

LO has had HSQLDB embedded for quite awhile. And now with newer versions of LO you also get the choice of using the embedded Firebird data base.

  • But why the change?, ...especially in light of the fact that: the default Embedded HSQLDB is the old version of HSQLDB, i.e. 1.8? In other words, before adding a whole new database, why not upgrade existing users first to a newer version of HSLQDB (2.3)?

  • Also, what version of Firebird is in LO? (I would think it should be made really easy in LO to see this, like right where it says Firebird it should have the version#.)

  • Finally, what's Firebird got that HSQLDB doesn't, and vise versa? (I can see that it might be much, much faster being written in C++ rather than Java.)

  • I can also see that the software licenses are different between these two databases. What does that mean for LO users?