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How Can I copy paste Calc formulas with absolute references

Very often I use formulas looking like =SUMIF($Tabelle1.$AH$242:$AH$389;$B86;$Tabelle1.$M$242:$M$389) I use many spreadsheet documents all with the same sheet structure, and when I have improved the usability of the area with such a formula I would like to use this improvement in other documents with the same structure. Unfortunately when I copy/paste the cells (or import the complete improved sheets) the formula changes to something like "=SUMMEWENN('file:///C:/Users/Public/....." referring to the source document.

In Bug 45385 - EDITING: Copy Paste formula to different document adds source document filename to references I learned that that is intended, unfortunately I never need that intended behavior, but simply copy/paste the formulas as they are so that they refer to Sheets and cells in the new document.

Is there any way to reach my goal in a comfortable way?