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Contain text within cell

Hey guys. Am just wondering if there is any function in LO that I could use to automatically contain text within a cell…

Usually when you type text into a cell and there is too much text to fit in that cell, the little red arrows appear to either side of the cell right?

I want LO to automatically start a new line of text once the cell is horizontally full, extending the row the text is entered in downward to accommodate the extra text.

Also if possible I would like to be able to set the width of borders on the inside of the cell, meaning that when the line of text encroaches upon the border of the cell, a new line is started automatically.

A good example is the box I am typing in right now, when I get to the right hand edge of this box and keep typing……….. a new line starts automatically.

At the moment I have to enter line breaks manually, which is becoming rather tedious, as when I edit a part of the text I have to rearrange all the other lines to make sure that they fit in the cell.

If any of this is unclear I can post an example pdf.

Many thanks.