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daily values by column not recognized as a date


I have created a pivot table in LO calc. My source data is in the same file, on 7 columns and 105 rows. One column ("Day") has daily values, e.g. 03/21/2017, 03/11/2014, etc...

in the pivot table configuration, i set the field "Day" by column, and the result is following column headers (11 columns in this example) :

  • 41642 41643 41644 41645 41646 41647 41648 41649 41650 41651 41652 ...

Obvisouly, the daily values are not recognized as such by the software.

On the contrary, if i set the field "Day" by row, the result is:

  • Tuesday, March 21 2017
  • Tuesday, March 11 2014
  • ...

Can anyone help ? My goal is to set the day by column, and in a next step to group the days by year and month.

Many thanks in advance,

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