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LibreBase - problem running a query using two tables (based on text files)

I need to run a query in design view which uses two tables (I want to 'link' one item in one table to the same item in the other table, in order to 'restrict' the query to geographic areas in both).

Frustratingly, I can't run this very simply query because query design view will only let me use one table at a time. The window for 'add table' disappears completely after one has been selected and it's not possible to select two, even though I can see both tables clearly on the 'tables' tab. Is this because both tables are basically just links to text files and is there any way around the problem? For a smaller dataset I copied and pasted both sets of data into a new Base document/project as new separate tables, but it is not possible to do this with the larger text file based dataset as it is far too big (it won't even open in Calc).

Please help!