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bulleted list restarts outline heading numbering


my document contains a paragraph with style=Heading 3 followed by a 1-line bulleted list (style = "default style"), followed by a second outline heading (style= Heading 3) :

My problem is that on the second outline heading the numbering has been reset; Here is what it looks like

3.1.5 First Paragraph with Style = Heading3

  • 1 line bulleted list

1.1.1 Second paragraph with style = Heading3

I would expect the outline number of the second paragraph to be 3.1.6: It seems like the numbering has been restarted

I have isolated the cause of the problem to the bulleted list; If i delete the second paragraph, then remove the bulleting from the 1 line list, then re-enter the second paragraph, THEN right click over the second paragraph and select "continue previous numbering" then the numbering is as expected

I am on libreoffice (x64)

thanks, regards, Bob Parkes