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Drop Menus that Filter Subsequent Drop Down Menus

I have a database of clients with unique company names as well as unique sales reps. For quoting, we currently have a drop menu and we need to scroll through all the clients in the database. I'd like to know how to filter out non-relevent entries using a series of drop menus.

On the quoting sheet, I'd like to be able to first select the sales rep, then we will see a drop menu with only the companies they are working with, and then they will see a drop menu of the various contacts within that company. Once the three menus have been selected, the other cells will have a LOOKUP function that will fill in their phone numbers, email, address, etc...

I've attached a sample of what I'm looking for. It has a sheet called "contractor list" I'd like it to filter through. C:\fakepath\Sample Problem - Drop Menu Filtering.ods