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two different efforts ?

I just found out now that there is a whole one year since former Oracle's OpenOffice became officially (source code included) an Apache Softer Foundation member project (my bad that for this whole year I didn't came up to this knowledge...). BUT ... since one year is long enough for this kind of actions I want to ask .... why there's been no effort to reunite the teams that keeps LibreOffice and OpenOffice ??? Oracle is no longer in control of OpenOffice, so the initial reason for establishing LibreOffice is no longer standing up, isn't it ?? So ... why do they still exist in these 2 forms (and let's face it, these 2 office packages are basically identical, right ?) Don't you all think it's time to let aside any (eventual) personal feelings and make it, again, one single OpenOffice ? (let's face it, LibreOffice it's not even such an inspired name anyway ... ) I suppose the team that now is under Apache Software Foundation is not that bad, or evil intended as you may have considered when they were under Oracle rules, so ... what happened this year that didn't make you reunite ?? I really don't see and understand any competition BETWEEN OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but rather Openoffice+Libreoffice AGAINST that evil empire of Microsoft/MS Office ... What's the point, still, with this current separation ?