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Shapes Created In Draw Disappear / Vanish After Copy Into Writer Frame

Everything appears to work fine during editing and save of a Writer document. But on reloading (File > Reload), several shapes used in diagram frames have 'disappeared'. After some experimentation I've established: (Using LO in Win7)

1) DRAW shapes all appear ok when first copied into a WRITER frame.

2) Certain DRAW shapes (circle, rectangle etc) are missing from the frame after re-loading the WRITER document. Note DRAW lines and text boxes are unaffected.

3) Using "Arrange > Bring To Front" has no affect.

4) A single DRAW shape e.g. circle copied to a frame OR to page, PERMANENTLY disappears after reload.

5) Two or more shapes copied over (as a group) do re-appear after reload but are ALWAYS behind any frame area fill, hence only visible if transparency >~10%

Anyone else experienced this issue?