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Tutorial on templates

Could someone kindly point me to an in depth tutorial on templates, styles, and outline numbering. Although I've been using computers for 30+ years I have just wasted an afternoon failing to get some form of style setup with outline numbering like this

1 Heading 1 body text 1.2 Heading 2 body text 1.3 Heading 2 1.3.1 Heading 3 body text 2 Heading 1 body text

I think I need a click by click tutorial as Writer has completely defeated me today.

Maybe I'm just missing something that must be obvious as I'm actually considering exporting the doc to some 'other' word processor to get some kind of sensible numbering working.

I am assuming that this is possible (without boiling an ocean).

Is there a way to reset to defaults to clear the mess I have made.