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LibreBase and SQLite/Spatilite

I built a new database in SQLite Spatialite database using QGIS. I loaded the tables in from my other database (wotbl, wo_civic_jtble, civic_tbl). the wo_tbl has work orders, the civic_tbl civic addresses, and the wo_civic_jtbl has a composite PK using the PK of the wo_tbl and the civic_tbl (this is probably sounding familiar to my other questions). When I try to build the table relations I get the error; "This database does not support relationships" which isn't true SQLite supports relationships so I am wondering if this is an issue with the ODBC Driver and LibreBase cannot support relationships for SQLite databases yet or if I set it up wrong. ODBC SQLite3.0 LibreBase OS Win7 If anyone has any experience with SQLite and LibreBase and can provide some assistance that would be greatly appreciated. Further to that if you need any additional information let me know. Thanks Tyler