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turning off word count in scroll bar?

Greetings, all. I've got a huge journal document I've accumulated over the years, and every time I upgrade to the next libreoffice version, I go through a little ritual. I first open that document (now 1800+ pages) in Writer, and the moment I start to make an edit, I play the game of 'is this document about to crash' because the slightest change causes a cascade of word-counting in the status bar, below.

So, invariably, for the past few years, I have compromised and turned off the display of the status bar. But this, of course, prevents me from using the status bar's other features. Is there instead a way to make the status bar exclude certain elements? For an 1800 page document of very dense text, the count-as-you-go word count feature is a hindrance, not a help, and I'd love to be rid of it without sacrificing the rest of the status bar's information and functionality.