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One document, two translations, paragraphs crosslinked

What i want to achieve is one document (with a toplevel outline structure) that contains two translations of the same text, and some way the paragraphs should be cross-linked so that the reader can click to jump between the two translations.

I'd like this information either not to show up in print, or to have a global style that can be set to invisible before printing.

Possible options are:

  • numbered paragraphs (lists) but formatting is clumsy and i'll need to restart numbering by hand at every crossing of the toplevel outline structure.

  • frames with Label or Marginalia style, but i'm also not too happy with them, although they seem to be the best option.

And i'm also trying to avoid the need for excessive macro voodoo to set this all up, but i'm ready to do that, too. Ideal would be something style based, although i guess the cross-links themselves are not something that can be set up using styles...

Any good ideas?

Anything that scales to three translations?