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How can one transmit data from one subform to another at the same or higher level?

In an application, with tree structured sub forms, I need to transfer data from a lower form to a higher form, to be subsequently used in another branch, something like a reversed master/slave connection. Say the main form "A" table has fields A1, A2, A3 and one sub form "B" table has field B1, B2, B3 etc with fields A1 and B1 as master slave. I wish to read data in B3 into A3. The purpose is to use this data in a sub form "C" which is parallel to "B". I cannot put "C" sub form under "B" as I need to use data A2 in "C" and it has no linked field in table "B".

I really hope I have made myself clear!

Prakash Chitnis