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extracting .xlxs file, does this open up original data on the spreadsheet?

I downloaded a file from my email that was originated in Excel. It saved on my device(Linux, Ubuntu) as .xlxs??. It opens in LibreOffice Calc. I extracted the file and was able to view the different files alternatively. I have few questions. When going into the original .xlxs file (which I extracted) when I Ctrl+F and enter a search term, I'm this case it's a call log, it is popping up on cells that do not match my search term....for example: I searched 0102 and certain cells that do not have this sequence of digits are being highlighted. Does this mean that those individual cells were altered and originally held that sequence of numbers? I do not understand why it's selecting those cells now after the extraction. What exactly does extracting do to the document associated with it besides open uncompressed files, does it remember original data? What are the parameters for Ctrl+F, I just want the cells with the exact sequence 0102...not a sum or anything else.