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color scale maximum and minimum formula for each row

So, this is the same as here: which is closed with answer, but without solution.

What I want to achieve is color-scale format on rows, where red=min(row), yellow=mode(row), green=max(row)

If I try to repeat the steps you can use in 'cell value is; formatting option, I get different results:

  • set up condition with 'all cells' option, green color to formula, =MAX($A2,$U2)
  • set up yellow, red colors to their values
  • save all settings, see that the 1st line is formatted correctly
  • now open conditional formatting again, and for range select whole table

after these steps, values for 'cell value is' option will reference new row, and get new MIN, MAX values for each row. But 'color scale' does NOT reference new row, and only first row is referenced every time for calculations.

Moreover, also tried trick mentioned in referenced question, but without success. I put =mode(row) into column Z for each row, and used:


also points all the time to first row. which means that row() function evaluates every time to first row of a set

So, this is dead end for me, and I think this is a bug in color scale. I welcome all advices, because the table is really long, and only workaround seems to be adding formatting for each line manually.